3 Exercises You Must Do For A Broader Chest

3 Exercises You Must Do For A Broader Chest

Most dudes go to the gym, hit the flat bench press and do some dumbbell flies and expect a well developed chest. If you want the chest of a beast, you’ve to train it like that.

First let us break down the anatomy of your chest muscles. Your chest is composed of 2 types of muscle fibers: pec major and pec minor. Pec minor is a small chunk of muscle fibers underneath your pec major; it is nearly involved in all chest movements and also some triceps movements.

Pec major is the big chunk of muscle that gives the shape to your chest; these muscle fibers have the max potential for muscular growth. Further, the muscle fibers in your pec major can be divided into 2 parts; the upper chest and the lower chest.

1) The Decline Barbell Bench Press

Heart breaking truth, your classic and beloved flat bench press isn’t the best mass builder for your chest. Instead, the decline bench press is.

You can clearly see that the lower chest consists of the largest amount of muscle fibers in your pec major. And the flat bench press is capable of only hitting the muscle fibers in the middle region. The decline bench press on the other hand stimulates the muscle fibers in the lower as well as the middle region of your pec major which makes it the exercise that recruits maximum muscle fibers in your chest.

Suggested sets & reps: 4 sets with 7-10 reps

Pro tip:

When you grip the bar, grip it hard and try to bring your arms together as if you’re performing a fly movement. But don’t allow your hands to come closer at the same time. This will further activate your muscle fibers in the chest giving you a better mind and muscle connection.

2) Low Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

Dudes have this idea in their head: more the inclination more will be the development of their upper chest. Sadly, the more the incline the more it hits the anterior region of your shoulders. The incline bench in most gym is way too inclined. Therefore, I suggest to perform this exercise over an adjustable bench with lowest inclination possible i.e. just above the flat mode. By doing this you’ll achieve the best alignment within the muscle fibers in your upper chest giving you a complete development in your chest.

Suggested sets & reps:  sets of 6-10 reps

3) Low To High Cable Crossover

Most people don’t even think of this exercise in their chest program. Upper chest is usually the weaker body part in most lifters, and every micro ounce of muscle in the upper chest is precious. This exercise will serve the cherry over the ice for your next chest session. Perform it at the end of your chest session and enjoy the soreness the subsequent day plus the rewards (massive chest) a couple of days later!

Suggested sets & reps:

3 sets 12-15 reps