7 Ways to Gain Weight in a healthy way

7 Ways to Gain Weight in a healthy way

Most people you know are probably struggling more with losing weight than gaining it. But if you’re among those who are underweight, and have attempted to gain weight in the past, you already know, it is a real struggle. Here are some tips on how to gain weight in a fast yet healthy manner.

Why Gain Weight?

While being overweight has its own health risks –- like increased chances of heart attack, stroke, or metabolic syndrome – being underweight is not without its problems. Being underweight can weaken your immune system, leave you feeling constantly tired, and cause your bones to become fragile. If you’re underweight, you may have a high metabolism.


Of course, food plays a vital role in weight gain. And just like how people trying to lose weight must be careful about what they eat, so should you. But you must take precaution

#1: Eat More Than You Burn

As a rule of thumb, you should consume more calories than your body burns every day. If you do this consistently, you should see the numbers on the scale slowly move up. You can get the help of a nutritionist to figure out how much you should be eating.

#2: Eat More Often

If you’re finding it hard to chow down more calories at each meal, try breaking them down into multiple snacks and meals. This will make it easier to consume those extra calories without making yourself feel sick. Aim to have three meals and three snacks a day if you can.

#3: Don’t Binge on Unhealthy Food

Yes, donuts, chips, sweets, sodas and fried or fatty foods may help you gain weight, but it will ultimately be unhealthy weight. This will do you far more harm than good. If you gain fat rather than lean body mass, you could end up with a cholesterol problem. And those sweets and candy can cause tooth decay, among other larger issues. Aim to have a balanced diet loaded with fresh vegetables and fruit, healthy lean protein, beans, fiber, and drink lots of water.

#4: Eat Energy-Dense Foods

High-energy foods that pack a lot of calories into each mouthful are perfect for someone trying to gain weight. These foods are typically easy to snack on or add to your existing meals to up the calories in a healthy manner. Good energy-dense sources include foods like beans, fruits, eggs, nuts, and peanut butter, oats, Smoothies made with fruits and milk or yoghurt, Eggs, Yogurt, Peanut butter etc.

#5. Eat lots of Protein

The recommended intake of protein is just 0.8 grams per kilogram of your weight. If you intend to add muscle mass or you do a lot of weight training, you could probably do with more protein. Bottom line is, ensure you are including high protein foods (eggs, chicken, fish, cheese etc.) to your diet

#6: Don’t Eat Salads First

Consume the energy-dense foods and muscle-building protein before you eat the other food on your plate. That way if you don’t feel you can eat anymore, at least you have already eaten the most calorific foods.

#7: Lift Weights to Gain Weight

Weight training or resistance training using resistance bands or free weights are your best bet for working those muscles. For optimal results, do short sets of exercises rather than long, drawn out ones. Train 3 or 4 times a week and take rest days in between to let your muscles recover – that’s when they grow.