9 Simple Habits to speed-up your weight loss efforts

9 Simple Habits to speed-up your weight loss efforts

Are you tired of seeing the same results after months of exercising, dieting, and trying to live a healthy lifestyle? I understand your frustration. But don’t give up yet. Check out the awesome tips below to help you speed up your weight loss efforts.

#1: Turn up the music

Studies have proved that listening to your favorite music while working out makes you work harder. It will take your mind off what you’re doing, and will help to increase stamina and make your workouts more enjoyable.

#2: Get Fit with a Friend

Working out, dieting, and living a healthy lifestyle is challenging, but can get much easier when you do it with a friend. Workout friends are able to encourage each other to keep going when motivation levels are low.

#3: Cut down on Alcohol

Alcohol is mostly sugar and it has a tendency to slow down your body’s natural fat metabolism. If you overdo it, you may even stop exercising regularly. After all, there’s nothing harder to do than working out with a hung over!

#4: Upgrade Your Outfit

If you want to push your body harder, you may need to upgrade your entire workout gear or clothing. If your workout gear makes you feel comfortable, odds are high, you will force yourself to work harder.

#5: Cut down on Sugar

Sugar is going to slow down your weight loss efforts drastically! Not only does it cause blood sugar and insulin spikes, it also contributes to increased fat storage. To accelerate your weight loss, cut back on sugar to see the results you want.

#6: Eat Healthy Foods

Instead of ditching all of your favourite foods, just start eating more healthy foods. Add veggies to your diet along with fruits, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. You can still enjoy your fried chips or cookies occasionally, but it’s important to focus on healthy foods more often than not!

#7: Track Your Progress

Make sure you keep track of your workout efforts. Getting into the habit of tracking your progress ensures you know when you are getting off truck or when making progress. This can be a source of encouragement to keep going.

#8: Drink Up

Pure plain water should be your ONLY source of hydration. A cup of coffee or green tea is acceptable to start off your morning, but you should drink water as much as possible throughout the day–to the exclusion of everything else, especially sugary drinks and alcohol.

#9: Spice it up!

If you get bored of eating the same food day after day, it’s going to be hard to stick to that diet. Instead of allowing yourself to grow bored, make it a point to cook with spices, herbs, and different flavors. After all, variety is always the spice of life!

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