How Can I get Huge? Here is your Answer!

How Can I get Huge? Here is your Answer!

One of the common questions asked by people who are new to fitness is, “What advice do you have for someone who wants to get bigger? If that is you, this post is for you.

#1: Persistence and consistency win out in the long run

Building an awesome physique is a marathon, not a sprint. Beyond your first few months of training, progress will come more slowly. Those who make the greatest changes are the ones who steadily train for months with passion and intensity, and who maintain an enduring quest for wisdom.

#2: Always use proper form

The most common training mistake made is simply not performing exercises correctly and thus not maximizing the stress on the targeted muscle(s). This limits your gains and increase the odds of injury. Refocus on each exercise to make certain you’re getting all you can from it.

#3: Rest to grow

This is one of the great things you need to remember if you want a good physique. Your muscles grow when you’re not working out. Make sure you allow enough time for a body part to recover and grow before training it again. For the most part, that equates to 48-72 hours between training the same body part

#4: Try to push yourself further than before

First and foremost, choose a weight you can safely use with proper form for the desired minimum number of reps. Then try to always get at least one more rep or use a little more weight than previously, for strength gains are the key to growth. But always train within your limits!

#5: Nutrition is paramount

This was supposed to be a training-only guide, but you can’t fully separate nutrition from training. After all, your pre- and post-workout meals (which may be protein shakes) are the most important ones for growth. It’s likely that more people don’t see gains because of faulty nutrition than faulty workouts, so make certain you’re consuming enough protein and other essential nutrients throughout each day.

#6: Focus on the muscle(s), not the weight

When lifting weights, chances are you’re not fully feeling your targeted muscles working. Forget the weight and concentrate on how your muscles stretch and contract against the resistance. The muscle mind connection when lifting is very important

 #7: Find out what works for you, not someone else

Apply various training philosophies, techniques and exercises to your routine. Incorporate those that work best for your body and discard those that don’t measure up. As well, learn all you can from experienced bodybuilders and fitness instructors.

#8: Always strive for a proportionate physique

In practice, this means doing something most people pursuing  fitness find difficult — focusing on your worst body parts more (by training them first in your workouts, typically with more volume and intensity) and your best body parts less.

#9: Take training seriously

One of the things that distinguishes champs from chumps is that champs always go to the gym with clear goals. Building your dream body should be fun. Never let distractions outside or inside the gym slow your workout pace or dampen your intensity.

#10: Be safe, not sorry

Warming up may seem like a needless chore — until you’re injured. One of the best lessons to learn from those who’ve suffered serious strains, sprains and tears is how to avoid such traumas, which can, in an instant, seriously curtail your training and reverse your gains. Warm up each body part with lighter sets, and have at least one experienced spotter behind you when you really pack on the plates.

Bonus: Free weights are best

Machines should have a place in every bodybuilding routine, but never at the expense of barbells and dumbbells.