How Fashion guru, Solomon Tazibone achieved his ripped body

How Fashion guru, Solomon Tazibone achieved his ripped body

If you thought all your favorite celebrities with chiseled bodies and six-packs were born that way, you are sadly mistaken. Fitness Uganda caught up with Solomon Tazibone, Uganda’s leading fashion stylist and host of the most popular fashion TV show in the country, NTV Style Project, to learn how he managed to earn his ripped body.

Below is our interview with Solomon.

What motivated you to transform your body?

Originally, it was a New Year’s resolution to better myself physically and mentally. Then when my TV career took off, I was much more motivated to stay in shape because image is paramount in show biz.

What Was The Most Difficult Part of Your Transformation?

The most difficult part of my transformation was discipline. I’ve lost count of how many days I have skipped training but i always get back as soon as i can. Sticking to an appropriate diet is still a challenge but i try.

Did You Make any Changes to Your diet?

Funny enough I didn’t make any dramatic changes to my diet. I try my best to consume more protein rich foods every day and I have incorporated supplements in my diet.

Which supplements are you using?  

I use the ON Gold standard Pre-Workout before I head to the gym & the ON Serious Mass, immediately after my gym sessions. I also use GNC MeGa Men dietary supplement pills from time to time.

What tips would you give someone looking to make their own transformation?

For someone looking to make a transformation I’d advise them to find a workout a reputable gym with professional trainer as well as get a workout partner to keep you motivated.

What advice would you give to someone who’s having trouble staying on track?

For someone having trouble staying in track I would advise they should always remember why they started. It has worked for me!

How is your life like, now that you’ve made a transformation?

Much better. I feel healthier. I am mentally focused. I look way better & my confidence has greatly improved. I don’t regret taking this journey.

What motivates you currently to keep improving yourself?

Am motivated by the need to reach my goals or ideal body. I still feel there’s a long way to go. Hopefully I can achieve that soon.

What is your training approach? 

I try to work out the whole body each time I go to the gym. I usually do 3 days a week. That is Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Saturday.

I always start with legs (spinning, lunges, squats), Chest and shoulders, back, arms & wrap up with my core each time.

How Can Someone Contact You?

I can be contacted by phone (+256-706-106-953)

Facebook: Tazibone Solomon

Twitter: kingx0l0mon

Instagram: tazibone_solomon