Fear of Becoming Overweight Triggered Nelson’s Body Transformation

Fear of Becoming Overweight Triggered Nelson's Body Transformation

At a verge of becoming overweight, Nelson decided it was time to start his fitness transformation and he has never looked back. Unlike many Ugandans who start their own transformation and give up shortly after, Nelson persevered and succeeded. In fact, during the process, he earned himself a part time job as a spin class fitness instructor at Paradise Fitness City

Fitness Uganda sat down with Nelson Kiige to understand how he managed to attain fitness success without taking the ‘foot off the pedal.’ Below is our interview with Nelson

#1: What motivated you to transform your body?

My motivation came from the fact that I was becoming overweight. I needed to change that in order to stay healthy. I started by jogging 3 days a week, running 5 kilometers each day.

#2: What Was The Most Difficult Part of Your Transformation?

I can’t say I had much difficulty in my transformation. I took it one step at a time. I started by making small changes every day which later turned into huge progress.

#3: Did You Make any Changes to Your diet?

In the beginning, my diet didn’t change much. However, I later discovered that to become leaner and attain the body shape I wanted, nutrition was going to play a huge part. That is when I started becoming creative with my diet. I started adding more vegetables and protein in my diet.

#4: Do you use any fitness supplements?

I don’t use any supplements. Luckily, with my body type, I can get the body shape I want without using supplements. That said, I eat enough protein foods. They are my supplement.

#5: What tips would you give someone looking to make their own transformation?

Find a workout buddy to train with or become friends with fitness minded people. They will motivate you to keep on track.

#6: How is your life like now that you’ve made a transformation?

My life is much better now. I am more health than ever before and fitness is now a lifestyle for me. The fitness way of life doesn’t stop when you achieve your desired fitness success. You have to maintain what you have worked so hard to achieve, otherwise, you will slip back. You have to monitor what you eat and exercise your body at least twice a week.

#7: What motivates you currently to keep improving yourself?

Currently am in a group of fitness people /buddies who push me to my limits. We keep challenging ourselves to achieve more physically.

#8: How Can People Contact You?

I instruct spin classes at Paradise Fitness City, located at Acacia mall (Kololo) thrice a week. Anyone can reach me from there.

#9: What is your training approach? 

I work out Monday to Saturday but I do different workouts for particular days.

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