Why your gym is dirtier than you realize

Why your gym is dirtier than you realize

A room full of sweating, groaning gym-bros is never going to be spotlessly clean and free from germs and bacteria. That is a fact. So, although you are probably going to the gym to lose weight, get fit and gain muscle, you may be leaving your fitness centre with a little more than a dream body.

The germs for skin infections, diarrhea and the flu can all be found on gym equipment, but which equipment are the worst culprits.

What are the worst culprits for gym germs?

#1: Free weights:

With our hands meeting millions of germs and bacteria every day, it is not hard to see how easily these can be transferred on to free weights. Pair that with the fact that dumbbells are among the gym equipment the least likely to be wiped down after use and you have a surface that is perfect for germs and bacteria.

#2: Swimming pool:

Am sure this may put you off a bit but understand we are here to give you facts however painful that maybe.  Research has it that the average swimmer contributes at least 0.14 grams of fecal matter into the swimming pool, typically within the first 15 minutes of entering!  That is why we recommend Showering with soap before hitting the swimming pool to stop the spread of germs.

#3: Cardio machines:

Cardio machines are another breeding ground for germs and bacteria in the gym, especially with all the sweating that goes on there.

So how to you minimize getting in contact with all the germs and bacteria at the gym

 Good Gym Hygiene:

Proper gym etiquette will help you minimize getting in contact with the inevitable gyms and bacteria at your favorite gym. These may include

  1. Bring your own water bottle, and never let it touch the water fountain tap.
  2. Wash your hands after a workout (and take a shower as soon as you can, preferably at home)
  3. Wash your gym clothes after every session and wipe down your gym bag
  4. Do not go to your gym if you’re feeling unwell
  5. Take your own towel to create a barrier between yourself and the gym equipment. Be sure to wash this after each use, though!
  6. Sign up for gyms that prioritize some level of cleanliness
  7. Wipe gym machines and equipment before and after use with a disinfectant

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