Healthy Smoothie Recipe for Improving Your Sleep

Healthy Smoothie Recipe for Improving Your Sleep

Ordinarily, an evening session at the gym, a stressful day at work or playing with your kids in the evening is enough to ensure you will doze off from the moment your head hits the pillow. But even with all that, modern life has a way of denying you quality sleeping time.

Luckily, we got you a brilliant smoothie recipe containing four tasty ingredients with every single one of them full of nutrients to help ensure you get the rest your body desperately needs. Try out this smoothie today. You can thank us in the morning.


1. 1 banana – provides tryptophan, which the body converts into sleep-boosting hormones.

2. ½ avocado – provides magnesium, which helps to calm your nervous system and prepare it for bedtime.

3. 400ml milk – provides casein, which helps your body recover from exercise while you sleep.

4. 1tbsp honey – produces small insulin spikes, which cause tryptophan to enter the brain.

Mix all the ingredients together, blend for about 1 minute and enjoy your drink and a good night sleep. This smoothie is best taken 30 minutes before bed time.