Body Beast Workout DVD
Body Beast Workout DVD
Body Beast Workout DVD
Body Beast Workout DVD
Body Beast Workout DVD

Body Beast

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Do you want to turn some heads with a chiseled body? Or you simply want a fitness model kind of look? Whatever your goal is, if you are serious about building a muscular physique in the shortest possible time, then Body Beast is for you.

This program will teach you the body building workouts you need as well as demonstrate to you the right form of executing the workouts (step by step). In the end, you will know exactly what exercises you will need to build the body you have always wanted so you never waste a single day at the gym because you have no idea on what to do.

Body Beast is a 90-day program, divided into three blocks:

1) Building phase: which creates a strong physical foundation. It lasts 3 weeks

2) Bulking Phase: In this phase you will add muscles to your body. It lasts 6 weeks

3) Beast phase: In this phase you will put definition to your muscles and it lasts 3 weeks .

so, are you ready to turn some heads?

Your Package will include

  1. A Full Workout program for 90 days
  2. A 90 Day Training Calendar 
  3. A Progress Tracking form

Bonus: If you buy this workout program, the experts at fitness Uganda will follow your fitness journey to motivate and inspire you to never give up (free of charge). We are really good at that!

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