RipT 90


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Get Ripped in just 90 Days

If you want to melt away your body fat, build lean muscles and get serious about your fitness, then join Jody Hendrix in RIPT90. This workout program includes 14 workouts designed to shred fat and build long lean muscle.

Each workout demonstrates modification levels, so regardless if you are a beginner, or ready to take it to the next level athletically, this workout is for you. Not only do you get the 14 workouts, also included is a complete training calendar

so, are you ready for the new you?

Your Package will include

  1. A Full Workout program (Videos)
  2. A 5 weeks Training Calendar (A3 Size, coloured)
  3. A Progress Tracking form

Bonus: If you buy this workout program, the experts at fitness Uganda will follow your fitness journey to motivate and inspire you to never give up (free of charge). We are really good at that!

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