The ultimate yogi
The ultimate yogi
The ultimate yogi

The Ultimate Yogi

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This is what Yoga is all about! And it is not surprising that the The Ultimate Yogi was named Best Yoga Training DVD for the year 2012

The Ultimate Yogi consists of a multi-faceted fitness, health and wellness program that that will transform your life over a 108-day period. People who have bought this workout DVD have  reported experiencing an exponential increase in flexibility, balance, strength, vitality, muscle tone and weight loss.

Other benefits include a strengthening of self-confidence, heightened energy levels and a noticeable reduction in stress. Start your journey of transformation for the ultimate mind, ultimate body, and ultimate results!

Are you ready?

Your Package will include

  1. A Full Workout program for 108  days (Videos)
  2. A Training Calendar for 108 days (A3 Size)
  3. A Progress Tracking form

Bonus: If you buy this workout program, the experts at fitness Uganda will follow your fitness journey to motivate and inspire you to never give up (free of charge). We are really good at that!

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