From Skinny to shredded: Ivan’s Transformation Journey

From Skinny to shredded: Ivan’s Transformation Journey

Inspired by Dwayne Johnson, (The Rock), Ivan Ilukor’s transformation journey took him from skinny guy to shredded, earning himself a modeling carrier along the way. Fitness Uganda sat down with Ivan to understand  how he managed to transform his body from Skinny to Shredded. Below is our interview with Ivan

#1: What motivated you to transform your body?

While growing up, my idol was Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”. I was inspired by the way he transforms his physique for the various movies roles. Plus, he has a really good physique. That inspired me to transform my body too.

#2: What Was The Most Difficult Part of Your Transformation?

Training my shoulders and legs is hard. I try my hardest to train all my body parts but I must say, shoulders and leg training is such an uphill battle for me.

#3: Did You Make any Changes to Your diet?

No, I didn’t make any dramatic changes to my diet because I didn’t want to become extremely big because I am a model

#4: Do you use any fitness supplements? Which ones are they?

I don’t use supplements that much but I once used creatine back in 2015

#5: What tips would you give someone who wants to make their own transformation?

Get into the right gym with good instructors. Alternatively, you can watch fitness videos such as the ones sold by fitness Uganda. The trick is to choose videos that suit your desired fitness goal.

#6: What advice would you give someone having trouble staying on track?

Get a gym partner who is pursuing a similar fitness goal as you. It is hard for you to miss a training session if your gym partner is going to show up. Plus they push you to do more when you hit the gym floor.

#7: How did your life change after your transformation?

I really feel good about my new body because it has put me into the spotlight. I was spotted by a modelling agency after my transformation which has helped me take on a different carrier path.

#8: What motivates to keep improving yourself?

I am a freelance model which comes with a lot of pressure. I do a couple of photo shots and I have to look better in every other photo shot. That keeps me motivated to keep my body in epic shape.

#9: What is your training approach?

I do split training workouts. This means, i work a different body part every time i go to the gym. My workout plan is as follows

a) Monday–  Legs + Fore arms

b) Tuesday–  Chest + biceps

c) Wednesday – Back + Dead-lifting

d) Thursday– Shoulders + triceps

e) Friday– Legs + Fore arms

f) Saturday– Chest + biceps

g) Sunday – Resting

#10: How Can People Contact You?

My e-mail –

My Tel: +256 701315236

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